Big Data Coin

Monetize your own data

Data Is Money

Organized database worth billions and nowadays tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alibaba and Tencent are aggressively collecting data from users by ALL possible means.

Tech Giants

Data so collected by tech giant is piecemeal and incomplete since most channel of monitoring and monetarizing user activities are functional only within the subject domain. Data from a pre-defined scenario is biased and cannot represent user’s behavior.

Here Comes
Big Data Coin

Big Data Coin is a cutting-edge blockchain-based, smart contract embedded cryptocurrency leveraging on individual’s e-footprint on electronic devices.

Buy Big Data Coin

1 BDC = 0.05 ETH / 0.0037 BTC

New Big Data Cryptocurrency

Concept and underlying of Big Data Coin

The concept of Dashujubi is fundamentally different from that of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, for it has embodied economic value in its very existence with no dependency on market condition and government recognition.

All-participating mining mechanism

Not only does Big Data Coin carry intrinsic value in its founding blocks, the way Big Data Coin is mined is also revolutionary which would outplay other cryptocurrencies. Blocks of Big Data Coin are naturally generated from electronic device activities which is a function of user population and time lapsed. Mining servers or processing units are not required to compete the ownership of a coin by endlessly rendering computing power just to hash a block of data into designated format. This groundbreaking feature empower individual who has an electronic device to casually participate in Big Data Coin mining. Low mining barrier would definitely favor the adoption rate of Big Data Coin.

Mechanism of coin supply

Big Data Coin sources its root from e-footprints which is collected through personal electronic devices. Smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets are all potential factories of Big Data Coin. Once an electronic device has Big Data Coin wallet installed, it can opt to engage in coin mining process by activating mining protocol. A unit of Big Data Coin is generated upon submission of an e-footprint hash key, corresponding to an e-footprint master file recording a 24 hours interval.

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Our Awesome Team

Tonny Wong



David Lam



Jason Cheng

Head of Corporate Communication


Paul Kwok

Techical Advi


Kyo Chan

Lead Programmer


Norman Chan

Big Data Advisor


Jeff Chan

Network Engineer

Thomas Beard

Marketing & Public Relations Advisor


1,000,000 BDC

Total Supply





Initial Coin Offering

Use of Proceeds All ICO proceeds will go towards a three-year defined core operating budget for the BDC team. This total in Ether for a three- year budget is 25,000 Ether (assuming Ether = $250).

Total Supply

1,000,000 BDC

Investment Target

8 Million to 12 Million USD

Lockout period

Not indicated

Token Distribution

ERC-20 token sent to your Ethereum wallet

Sales Period

ICO: Approximate 22 September, 2017 at 00:00 UTC – October 31, 2017

ICO Price

0.05 ETH = 1 BDC, equivalent to 1 ETH = 20 DBC

Development timeline and milestone events

Phase I: Completion of ICO and delivery of Big Data Coin Token

Phase II: Development of Big Data Coin API and recruit beta miners

Phase III: Expansion of marketing team and conduct roadshow to potential data buyers

Phase IV: Official launch of Big Data Coin API

Phase V: Post-launch monitoring and continuous improvement

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Nature of Big Data Coin

Big Data Coin token and Big Data Coin are commodities which allows holders to purchase data stored in the Big Data Coin Blockchain by consuming Big Data Coin.

Big Data Coin is not securities for it does not represent ownership in a legal entity. It does not contain any dividend entitlement nor rights to the residual assets of a legal entity.

Big Data Coin is not debt instrument for it does not give holder the rights to any loan repayment nor interest.

Big Data Coin is not a collective investment scheme for it does not invest cryptocurrency raised into projects. Big Data Coin does not earn profits for owners and there is no profit sharing mechanism in the Big Data Coin platform.

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